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Puerto Rico Climate Corps

Puerto Rico


Implement a pilot program to prove impact and long-term viability.

Feasibility Study

Puerto Rico 

Nov. 2020- August 2021

A Puerto Rico based Foundation supported a non-profit to explore a replication of their model in Puerto Rico. Impact Jedi is serving as the lead consulting firm for the feasibility study and the pilot implementer.

Non-profit Program Codification 


Sept. 2020 - August 2021

A non-profit sought impact Jedi after 10 years of testing and proving their model. They are ready to codify their best practices and principles to deliver their very own Program handbook. Impact Jedi has been supporting the non-profit build a process and framework to work from.

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Building needs for Nonprofits

South Bronx Residential Multifamily unit rehab

Home inspection & consult new rehab in the Bx, Bk.

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